I thought it might be a good idea to put up some tips and tricks I learnt while working on certain projects. So, here you go:

Timer based evaluation

Measuring time is almost always a requirement for any research publication be it at user level, kernel level or hypervisor level. Here is some information and useful pointers I have gathered to help measure time as accurately as your system demands.

Xen at Gatech

Xen has become a very important research vehicle for virtualization research since its open source and widely accepted. Our group at Georgia Tech has a good arrangement for students to perform their experiments in the form of Netlab. This document (well, a doc so that other people can add their 2bits and email it to me for an update!) pdf is particularly for Georgia Tech students who intend on working on the Netlab machines. I will add more tips here later. (For further usage information, email one of me or Adit).

IBM Cell

Here are some useful aspects of the Cell processor including steps to install, its hardware overview etc.