After completing Masters at CMU, I had an option of going ahead with a job at Microsoft or with graduate studies. Seemed like a difficult choice to make but the option of being on my own (to a great extent) and having the independence of experimenting with and developing new technologies was way too pursuasive to deny. Therefore, I chose to pursue a PhD at Georgia Tech. From Fall 06 to Summer 11, I worked with Prof. Karsten Schwan and have enjoyed every bit of my work during these five years. I was able to take courses at a more relaxed pace, work with some really bright minds and was able to partake in some interesting research. Its surprising how there always are new ideas and challenges to deal with but then they form my bread and butter :) So I am pretty happy that computer architecture is progressing so fast generating new challenges for Systems researchers!


Here is a list of some courses I did at Georgia Tech: