Academic Life

I have gone to school in both the US and France and am fluent in both French and English.

After obtaining my Baccalauréat in France with high honors, I went on to the Lycée du Parc for two years of Classes Préparatoires where I studied Mathematics and Physics intensely to prepare for the entry exams into higher education schools.

In 2002, I gained admission to the École Centrale de Lyon, one of the top ranked schools in France, where I pursued my studies to become an Engineer. The normal curriculum of the school calls for three years of study. However, the school allows the last year, in which you specialize in a given topic, to be taken in another college.

I thus came to Georgia Tech in 2004 to study for a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am now pursuing a PhD in Computer Science.

Degrees Awarded

I have been awarded the following degrees: